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Kindle Fire 2 Coupon Codes at Amazon

kindle fire 2 coupon
Sep. 3, 2012 - The Kindle Fire 2 Coupon Code may only be given to those with special support to the Kindle Fire 2. It just released yesterday and have some coupon codes.

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Recently, there are some rumors of the new Kindle Fire to be announced very soon. The new Kindle Fire, also expected to be Kindle Fire 2, is manufactured and distributed by Amazon for the Sates. There are some rumors about this Kindle Fire, most of them are based on some leak news or based on the current trend, and however, we cannot have a surefire report about this new model.

The new Kindle Fire will have the same screen size with more resolution. It is expected to reach 1280x800, which is increased version from the previous model, 1024x600. The design will have more metal and thinner than the previous model. These points are added to the new Kindle Fire to make it match the current trend of tablet design. The current design aims to thin tablet with high resolution screen and powerful processor.
Talking about processor, the new Kindle Fire may have the Quad-core processor to match up the current speed of Google Nexus 7. The Quad-core can handle up to four threads at a time, making it super fast to handle heavy tasks and other jobs, such as video playback or gaming.

Just like the old Kindle, the new one may not accept external storage solution, such as the SD card or Micro SD card. However, there are some rumors say that it will initially support 3G Data or 4G for mobility.

People love the old Kindle Fire for its screen and its simple design with pack of features. The new Kindle Fire will have the same trend, at an attracting price. In the past, Amazon supported merely $50 for its Kindle Fire, now, maybe Amazon is going to support this new model.

With its support, Kindle Fire 2 will have the best price possible in the market for consumers. Amazon does not seek profit in selling these Kindle Fire, they focus on selling eBook and other apps that users buy from Amazon Store. Furthermore, the Kindle Fire supports the Amazon web store fully, that people can use the Kindle Fire to make purchase for their goods from Amazon. With that strategy, we will have the best prices on the Kindle Fire 2.

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  1. Too bad this post has expired. Hope they have more promos or raffles so that I will have the chance to win the Kindle fire 2. It is a very cool tablet that I would like to have. :)